Did You Know?

Did You Know?

There are over 70 IT based systems installed in a new, large international Airport

Many of these airports have complex data networks and associated Gigabit Backbone Network, Operational Database and an Information Broker.

We will be discussing these systems, showing examples and providing technical narratives about them on this site.

Having more than 40 Airport Systems experience, I am glad to share my knowledge with all of you involved in this very exciting industry.

I will be preparing some interesting technical articles on Aiport Systems. If you are interested in some specific topic please let me know.

Here is my list of systems – Did I mss anything?

  1. Access Control System
  2. Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System
  3. Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
  4. Air Traffic Control System
  5. Air Traffic Management System
  6. Airfield Lighting System
  7. Airport Operational Database
  8. Apron Floodlighting System
  9. ATM System
  10. Automated People Mover System
  11. Aviation Fuel with Leak Detection System
  12. Baggage Handling System
  13. Baggage Reconciliation System
  14. Building Management System
  15. Car Park Management System
  16. Carry on Baggage Screening
  17. Closed Circuit Television System
  18. Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  19. CUTE / CUPPS
  20. Departure Control System
  21. Emergency Telephone System
  22. Executive Information System
  23. Explosive Detection System
  24. Facility Management System
  25. Flight Information Display System
  26. Financial Systems
  27. Fire Alarm System
  28. Fixed Ground Power / 400 Hz
  29. Gate Allocation System
  30. Gigabit Network
  31. Ground Transportation System
  32. Hold Baggage Screening
  33. Host LAN / Backbone Gigabit Network
  34. Information Network
  35. Kiosk System
  36. Lighting Control System
  37. Master Antennae System
  38. Master Electric Clock System
  39. MATV System
  40. MET Systems
  41. Network Management System
  42. ORAT
  43. Passenger Loading Bridge
  44. Passenger Screening System
  45. Perimeter Detection System
  46. Power Distribution and Control System
  47. Pre-Conditioned Air
  48. Public Address System
  49. Ramp Management System
  50. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System
  51. Security System
  52. Structured Cabling System
  53. Surface Movement Radar System
  54. Systems Integration
  55. Taxiway Lighting
  56. Telephone System
  57. Trunk Radio System
  58. Visual Docking and Guidance System