The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) announced the initial results of an association-wide survey of the immediate impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic on capital development projects that are active or planned at airports throughout the United States. The findings reveal that varying levels of impacts are being reported across the country, and indicate that the true magnitude of capital development projects has yet to be seen.

  • Over 90% of companies have experienced delays or cancellations of projects, with 21% of companies experiencing major delays.
  • 72% of companies report reductions in project advertisements, with 18% reporting significant reductions.
  • 29% of member companies anticipate major challenges with ongoing projects occurring in the near future. Only 5% anticipate no challenges.

“This survey confirms the immediate impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on aviation and a multitude of airport development programs underway or planned across the country,” said T.J. Schulz, President of the Airport Consultants Council. “With this survey, ACC intends to establish an initial baseline of effects reported during the first months of the pandemic within the US, along with trends that emerge in the months to come.”