There were many Airports Planned for construction at the end of 2019. Now, amid the Corona Virus outbreak, airlines are having difficulty establishing profitable routes. With that trend, airlines are suffering, losing money, and in some cases going bankrupt. 

Social Distancing will mean fewer passengers per flight and in turn will mean higher prices per seat. All of this will impact the number of flying passengers and perhaps drastically reduce them. So, with this trend, does it make sense to continue building or expanding airports?

My take is that there needs to be a bit of a slowdown and also to investigate if the size and scope of the new or expanded airport need to be re-studied and modifications made as appropriate.

It does take 3-5 years for major airport development so the big question is, will the airline traffic increase back to 2019 levels by 2023 or so? This is a major thinking point for airport developers. 

The world is changing and the way people interact. Without a real Vaccine with proven results, I consider that airline passenger traffic will stay stagnated for at least two more years. Even then, congestion points in an airport at Check-In, Customs, and Immigration will have to rethink the space allocated to the staging areas as the current IATA and ICAO standards will no longer apply. 

Much of the Think Work that needs to be done can be done remotely and from home. 

What are your thoughts?