I ran across an article on San Francisco Airport – the article stated, “The report, which summarises economic impact for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year, also reveals that visitor spending resulting from air service at SFO contributed over $12.5 billion in additional business revenue and 113,253 jobs in the region.” You can find the complete article HERE.

The interesting point to the article is that the revenue was to the local community and businesses; there was no mention of the profit/loss of the airport itself.

An airport typically makes its money from Rental (commercial) like Duty-Free and Convenience Shops; Passenger Parking; Airport Terminal Fee; Aviation Fuel (the top contributor) if the Airlines agree (difficult by not impossible); Baggage Fees; and of course check-in counter fees.

So, without the Soft Benefits to the local community; How can a privately funded airport make money?

I would be interested to see your thoughts.