1.     Master Systems Integration Compliance and Introduction

The Contractor Shall confirm its appreciation of the importance of Special Airport Systems (SAS) and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Systems Design will have to the operation of the Airport.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Contractor Shall confirm their 100% compliance to the requirements stated in the Contract Documents.

1.1  Compliance

The Contractor Shall Submit the MSI Team Organization Chart and associated Team members CV’s and Shall demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and in sufficient number to perform all duties required for a project of this large magnitude. Special attention has been given to the responsibility for procurement, coordination, scheduling, engineering, design, shop drawing production, preparation of submittals, method statements and other technical work, inspection and testing, commissioning, turnover and closeout.

 The Contractors Management Staff within the MSI Team Shall be led by a qualified and experienced management team with sufficient individuals who have the composite knowledge and experience to be capable of successfully executing and satisfactorily completing the MSI work.

 The Contractors MSI Management Team Shall Demonstrate that they have the necessary experience for the acceptable completion, delivery and turnover of similar works. Each member must possess the competency, knowledge, experience and skills (including documentation, negotiation and management skills) required for the project.

 The Contractors MSI Management Team Shall be given the full authority necessary to execute system integration activities to satisfactory completion.

 The Contractor Shall provide an organization chart of the MSI team and clearly identifies all key members, all subcontractors / suppliers and personnel of all sub-tier organizations. These details Shall be provided within this section of the Tender Proposal.

 The Contractors MSI Team Shall work very closely with the Campus-wide Master Systems Integrator to ensure the systems within all campus buildings are seamlessly integrated.

 The Contractors MSI Team Shall coordinate closely with the campus-wide master systems integrator and be active throughout the different phases of the project until the final completion and handing over.

 The Contractors MSI Team will take lead in ensuring the following items are developed and coordinated to deliver the system to the satisfaction of the Employer / Engineer.

  • Comprehensive Schedule for integration: The MSI Team Shall produce a schedule of implementation plan indicating the system dependencies. The MSI Team shall also coordinate the deployment of systems.
  • Representation and Oversight: The MSI Team Shall represent the special systems and security systems interest in coordination meetings, design documents and reports. All assumptions will be documented. The MSI Team Shall ensure all installations are compliant to the defined standards in the Specifications and in compliance with ICT Master Plan (ICTMP).
  • Coordination between Measured Works and Defined Provisional Sums (where applicable): The MSI Team Shall ensure the Measured Works are adequate to meet the requirements of the Defined Provisional Sums (where applicable).
  • Defined Provisional Sum Specifications: The MSI Team Shall review the Defined Provisional Sum Specifications to ensure that each system, subsystem, and interrelated component function as designed and described in the Specifications and are in compliance with the ICT Master Plan (ICTMP).
  • Integration workshop and master test plan: The MSI Team Shall produce a master test plan for all systems and their respective integration requirements.
  • This master test plan Shall be updated when systems are selected, and submitted for approval before issuance to all system contractors for compliance.
  • In the development of the test procedures, the MSI Team Shall manage, review for conformance to requirements, consolidate and ensure consistency of system test procedures before submitting   for Employer/Engineer’s approval.
  • The master test plan Shall provide a top-level guide to aid in the planning, coordination and testing activities for all the systems. These activities include factory acceptance test, laboratory acceptance test (test platform), functional test, site acceptance test, integration acceptance test, full systems testing and commissioning, test and system availability test, and other activities which may be required for the successful execution of the works.
  • Execution/ Full systems testing and commissioning:
  • The MSI Team Shall lead the testing and commissioning phase to ensure compliance and the integrated systems are delivered in line with ICT Master Plan. As the testing and commissioning phase will occur prior to the ORAT phase, the MSI Team Shall coordinate with the Employer / Engineer to facilitate the handover of the systems for ORAT.
  • The MSI Team shall be in charge of the “integration laboratory environment/ test platform”, provided by the Employer at the Airport’s Technology Centre at no cost to the Contractor.
  • The MSI Team Shall develop design documents for the systems in the “integration laboratory environment”. The “integration laboratory environment” Shall be maintained throughout the life of the project and shall be available for the Employer’s use after the project. The MSI Team Shall develop installation and workmanship standards, apply MSI-developed Integration Control Documents (ICD) and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD), develop and conduct system and integration test scenarios.
  • The MSI Team Shall develop “requirements capture forms” detailing possible functional scenarios for every system by conducting sessions with all user groups, including the campus-wide master systems integrator. The requirements Shall be prepared based on the functional requirements described in the Specifications and shall be developed to ensure systems and interfaces confirm to deliver functional requirements of the system(s). Any deviation or gaps will be corrected to the approval of the Employer / Engineer. The MSI Team Shall update the “requirements capture document” at the time the Defined Provisional Sums (where applicable) are instructed.
  • The “requirements capture document” Shall be used by the MSI Team to further develop the Interfacing Control Document (ICD) and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) and the IT model. The MSI Team Shall use the “requirement capture sessions” to develop a concept of operation (CONOPS) document for security and special systems to match the campus-wide master systems integrator implementation for the Airport.
  • System Integration Management
  • The MSI Team Shall manage each individual system packages and separately track and report on the functional and integration work from contract award until completion/handover.
  • The MSI Shall ensure consistent implementation for all parts of the system and components.
  • The MSI Team Shall raise for resolution any missing external interfaces and coordinate with the employer to realize the same.
  • The MSI Shall refer to the drawings as per the latest issued drawing detailing the different interfaces between the systems and validate it with the functional requirements captured and defined.
  • The MSI Team Shall be responsible for documenting and tracking the interface changes across the systems and implement change management process. This will be called the Interface Control Working Group.
  • The MSI Team Shall further detail an operational model for all the systems and their respective information flow.
  • The MSI Team Shall coordinate with specific system contractors for updates to have a holistic understanding of the Airport IT model.
  • The MSI Team Shall define link level protocol requirements and system interface requirements and specify information broker level requirements and AODB interface requirements to the extent applicable to defined systems.
  • The MSI Team Shall set up and conduct “interface working groups” to coordinate interface requirements and issues for the Airport. The “interface working groups” shall capture all required interfaces between systems in an ICD and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD). The ICD and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) shall be managed and affirm the controlling interfaces and for documenting the details of the interfaces. The MSI Team Shall coordinate interface issues, resolve issues and issue interface change requirements.


  • The MSI Team Shall provide a matrix detailing the integration between systems and the details of the relevant ICD and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) that capture the requirements. The MSI Team Shall coordinate ICD and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) requirements between systems, confirm that the ICD and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) meets overall system level requirements, update and publish IT model changes and distribute ICD’s and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD) for approval and coordination.
  • The MSI Team Shall develop and maintain a “configuration management plan”. This plan Shall detail the implementation of configuration baseline, change control and status reporting across all the different phases of the project until handover. This plan shall be applied by the MSI Team to manage all systems and sub-systems.
  • The MSI Team Shall maintain an “asset register” including all the software and hardware licenses, spares and serial numbers.
  • The MSI Team Shall conduct “technology refresh” periodically and submit reports to the Employer / Engineer every 6 months.
  • Throughout the phases of the project, the MSI Team Shall incorporate the principles of value engineering in the system designs to identify the function(s) of a product or service, establish a monetary value for the function, and provide the necessary functional the Employer / Engineer with the cost/benefit analysis and life cycle analysis of the design, materials and systems for the project.
  • The MSI Team Shall develop a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) program in coordination with all system providers under the Contract. The RAM program Shall be applied to all systems and updated as necessary. The RAM program Shall be the formal, scientific approach to calculate the availability of a system, the consequences of failure and pursuant risks. The MSI Team Shall apply the RAM program to compare design and maintenance alternatives and then work closely with the Employer/Engineer in determining which of alternatives minimizes technical and economic risks.
  • Coordination between the MSI Team and the various Contractors Project Management Team/s, including the following (and others as may be necessary for the proper execution of the works);
  • Coordination of all systems elements for all facilities project wide, where the MSI Team’s work may be affected by others or the MSI Team may affect work of others. In addition, the MSI Shall be responsible for coordinating with other consultants/contractors for the transport of systems signals from systems not provided as part of this tender which require support by the Airport infrastructure.
  • Coordination of all system design between systems and MEP/Architectural services for functionality and consistency. The MSI Team Shall coordinate on the naming conventions, standards, project theme and consistent ‘look and feel’ (where applicable) between the systems and the MEP/Architectural services.
  • Development of an “implementation planning document” that details how/when each element of each system will be deployed and all its dependencies. Coordinate all these dependencies with the appropriate contractors and third party vendors (if applicable).
  • With regard to all submittals, samples, mock ups, method statements, etc. The MSI team Shall coordinate between systems and in conjunction with MEP/Architectural before issuing to the Employer Engineer for review.
  • The MSI Shall prepare and submit technical data, including submittals, shop drawings, coordination drawings, data dictionaries, ICDs and/or Detailed Design Documents (DDD), mock ups and test plans in a timely manner. The MSI Team will facilitate the process of generating the ICDs between all systems and shall present to the Engineer for approval. The MSI Team Shall also facilitate the capturing of external system interfaces.
  • The MSI Shall lead full systems testing and commissioning, Site Integration Testing and all other testing functions necessary to realize the Systems Integration Management Plan (prepared by the MSI).
  • The MSI Shall capture system operational requirements and distribute to each system the required parameters for each user interface and commissioning /configuration function.
  • The MSI Shall develop an integration test plan, showing the required system requirements, expected results, response times for the Airport.
  • The MSI Shall Coordinate site-wide training, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, User Training and testing manuals.