Systems Integration within an Airport Environment is complex. There are Special Airport System, Information Technology Systems, Building Services Systems, Security Systems, Government Agency Systems, Airline Systems, Tennent Systems, Concession Systems, and other Stakeholder Systems.

There are numerous ways that these systems will be connected together. The way they will be connected together depends on the Owners Design. These requirements are generally contained in the Design Specifications and Drawings and may be augmented with the Owners Design Brief and/or Criteria.

Sometimes the Systems Integration requirements are contained in each systems specification and drawings and sometimes there is a Master Systems Integration Specification which pulls all the integration requirements together into on specification and drawing set. 

Depending of the size of the airport, the Systems may be installed as ‘stand-alone’ and self contained, may be partially integrated by sharing a common backbone network or may be fully integrated to the Database level.  

It could be argued that the main detriment to opening an airport involves the Systems Integration issues. These issues are generally resultant from poorly written design specifications and inadequate drawings. As a result, there are gaps in the specifications and drawings for each of the systems and result in a “who is going to pay for this?” problems. 


The above will be provided in more detail in the various Systems. 

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