Special Airport Systems (often referred to as SAS) are those systems that are unique to an Airport. Some examples are the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and the Baggage Handling System (BHS). 

Some of these systems are noticed by the Passengers (like the Passenger Boarding Bridges) and some are used in the Back of House to support the processing of People, Bags, and Aircraft (like the Airport Operational Database).

Depending on the size of the airport and the Airport Operators requirement, there may be a few or several dozen Special Airport Systems deployed in an airport.

Most of the Special Airport Systems use technology (to some degree) commonly referred to as Information Technology. This includes a Gigabit Backbone Network, Servers, and Personal Computers. 

Needless to say, connecting several dozen applications, devices, and servers to a Gigabit Backbone Network requires careful planning and coordination of the Design Specifications and Drawings. 

Most, if not all, problems that occur during the Construction Phase starts with poorly written and incomplete Tender Design Specifications and Drawings. 

The problems will be discussed in more detail in the Systems Section of this website.